Counterside Favored Recruitment - How Does It Work?

Image of a sword-wielding character in Counterside.

If you're trying to recruit the very best characters, then the Counterside Favored Recruitment banner is definitely worth your time. This new purchase option in the mobile gacha game gives you access to a top-tier unit for a discounted price, so it's a no-brainer if you want a strong fighter.

In this Counterside guide, we'll run through the Favored Recruitment banner so you know exactly what it is. That includes how you use it, how much it costs, and which SSR-level characters you'll want to aim for.

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What Is Counterside Favored Recruitment?

Favored Recruitment is a special gacha banner in Counterside where you earn a guaranteed SSR-rank unit in 30 pulls or less.

At this early stage in the game, you'll want to get a high-ranking character as soon as possible to make combat just that bit easier. That's where Favored Recruitment comes in, ensuring you get another great unit right off the bat of the Counterside Selective Recruitment.

The Favored Recruitment banner costs the same as a regular ten-pull summon, but it guarentees an SSR unit on the 30th pull. You can get one before then (which will cancel out the promised one), but the rates are, of course, lower. To make up for the generosity, however, the SSR units available is slimmer than the standard banner.

Image of the Favored Recruitment screen in Counterside.
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Where Is the Counterside Favored Recruitment?

To use the Favored Recruitment in Counterside, head to the main summon menu once you've performed your Selective Recruitment pulls during the tutorial. Find the Favored Recruitment tab and check it out.

Each pull costs 100 gems (or 1000 for a ten-pull), which is 30 percent cheaper than a standard pull. That means with the 3000+ gems you should have from pre-registration rewards and the currently active Counterside code, you should have enough to do all three ten-pull summons and get a decent SSR unit.

What Characters Are Included in Counterside Favored Recruitment?

Only six SSR-level characters are up for grabs in the Favored Recruitment banner. As such, you'll want to keep an eye out for the best ones on offer. Even though you won't get a choice since the spins end after the first and only SSR pull, it's still good to know. The six SSR characters available in this banner are as follows:

  • Kyle Wong
  • Elizabeth Pendragon
  • Gaeun
  • Seo Yoon
  • Esterosa de Chevalier
  • Nanahara Chifuyu

In terms of the ones you'll hope to get in the spins, it's Nanahara Chifuya. She ranks very highly in our Counterside tier list, so is definitely one to look out for. Gaeun is another good one, but the rest are a little lackluster. If you don't think your luck is there, you might want to spend the gems in the standard summon banners to extend your SSR possibilities.

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