Counterside Selective Recruitment - Best SSR and SR Units to Pull

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If you're just getting started in Counterside, you'll probably have been presented with the Selective Recruitment banner. It's part of the tutorial and something you absolutely won't want to disregard. If you're struggling to settle on a pull, you'll want to know the best SSR to aim for the Counterside Selective Recruitment promotion. It's free, and there's no going back once you've used it.

As you can likely imagine, we're going to dutifully go over which SSR unit you'll want to get from the Counterside Selective Recruitment banner when you first boot up the game. If you settle for anything, you'll end up with a character low down the Counterside tier list when you could have one of the best units for free instead.


For more on the game, we've made a list of Counterside codes and coupons you can use in the global release to get a bunch of free gems. And if you're playing similar games, our Cookie Run Kingdom: Crunchy Chip Cookie toppings page can help you build the newest unit there.

Counterside Selective Recruitment - Best SSR Picks

Tier Character
SNanahara Chifuyu
BNanahara Chinatsu
CEsterosa de Chevalier
DElizabeth Pendragon

The Counterside Selective Recruitment banner includes only one SSR per ten-pull summon, limiting who can you add to your roster with its generous offer. Because of that, you'll want to ensure you settle on a top-tier character and not one that will quickly get replaced with enough. And with a limited SSR pool to pull from, the options are slim.


The absolute best-case scenario is to settle on Nanahara Chifuyu. This SSR unit sits atop the Counterside tier list on the older SEA and JP tier lists to this day, making them a free, easy meta pick.

On the other end of the spectrum is Elizabeth Pendragon. This poor soul is considered one of the worst SSR characters around. If you pull her, pull again. Unless you just really like her design, that is.

If you're more into ranged combat, Gaeun doesn't fall far behind Nanahara Chifuyu. They're both Counter units as well, but Gaeun opts for gunfire over melee. If she suits your preffered team structure, you should go for her.

For the other two, they're still generally solid choices, but don't settle for them if you're looking for a top-tier team right from the start.

The Counterside Selective Recruitment summon feature lets you get a top-tier SSR unit for free.

Counterside Selective Recruitment - Best SR Picks

Tier Character
SEvelyn Keller
ALin Xien, Administration Rifleman
BArius Esquede, Roy Burnett, Kim Sobin
CAdministration Shieldman, Hilde,
DJoo Shiyoon, Eddie Fisher, Choi Ina, Nayuka Minato, Sylvia Lena Cooper

The Counterside Selective Recruitment summon banner features a wide array of SR units as well, giving you a chance to score a full squad of solid allies with one good pull. If you've decided which SSR character you want, aiming to get a few top-tier SR drops in the same ten-pull is a smart (but risky) endeavour. Above is our list of who you should aim for.

It's worth noting that any SR not featured in the table above is generally considered borderline useless. It's not worth rerolling a good result just because they're in there, but if you're looking at a ten-pull summon that doesn't include two of the above with your preferred SSR unit, it's probably worth trying again.


Is Counterside Selective Recruitment and Counterside Selective Summon the Same?

Yes, both Counterside Selective Recruitment and Counterside Selective Summon are the same feature in the game. They're just two slightly different terms used for it in the community. For the most part, gacha games can't escape the term "summon" even if they try. It's too ingrained in the genre's history at this point.

And with that, you should have all the information you need to make the best Counterside Selective Summon you can reasonably expect. With thirty chances to get a handful of top-tier units, the risk is usually worth taking on. The right characters will ultimately save you a lot of time.