Cookie Run: Kingdom Bingo - Springtime Bingo Answers and Rewards

March 30, 2022: Bingo has now been removed from the game! Unfortunately, you can no longer access this event.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom Bingo is just one of the many seasonal activities you can choose to take part in during your time in the game. It's a quick and fun way of getting your hands on a variety of rewards that can be useful in other areas of the game.

The action role-playing game, Cookie Run: Kingdom, lets you create your own little world while you venture off to battle the forces of evil. If fighting off evil becomes too much for you, you can engage in a plethora of mini-games surrounding your Cookie friends. Here's everything you need to know about Bingo in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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Though it will take a good long while to complete the current Cookie Run: Kingdom bingo event, the rewards are worth seeking out - especially given most of the goals relate to tasks you'd do anyway.

The rewards for completing each individual Cookie Run: Kingdom bingo card aren't stellar, but you get a quick and easy 3000 Crystals if you complete the lot. That's a free ten-pull for a potential top-tier character. If you have the time to do it, the Cookie Run: Kingdom bingo is really worth doing.

Bingo is usually a game of chance, but thanks to Redditor u/fizzyhook, it's not the case with Cookie Run: Kingdom. They have kindly laid out all of the answers for you in the post below.

To play bingo in Cookie Run: Kingdom, you need to load into the game, and head into your kingdom.

When you are looking at your kingdom, look at the lefthand side of your screen. Near the top there should be a "shop" icon and underneath that there should be an "events" icon. Click on this and select the "Springtime Bingo" tab on the left of the screen. This will take you to the Springtime Bingo game screen.

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You can see how many stamps you have on the top right of the screen next to the countdown timer. To play bingo, you need to have at least 10 stamps. Once you do, select the "place stamp" button at the bottom of the screen. This will place the stamp on a random square on the bingo card.

If you want to move it, you will need to select the "move stamp" option which will cost 5 stamps. This will allow you to move any stamp that has already been placed on the bingo card. It's an easy way of ensuring that you get the right answer quickly, but it will cost you a lot of stamps.

Stamp Challenge
Complete any World Exploration stage 10 times
10 Stamps
Send 2 Balloon Expeditions
10 Stamps
Play in the Kingdom Arena 10 times
20 Stamps
Produce something 50 times
20 Stamps
Clear Tower of Sweet Chaos battles 3 times
20 Stamps
Complete today's bounties 3 times
20 Stamps
Fulfill 20 wishes from the Tree of Wishes
30 Stamps
Receive rewards from the Bear Jelly Train 3 times
30 Stamps
Complete al Springtime in the Cookie Kingdom Missions
40 Stamps

To get blossom stamps, you'll need to complete a variety of tasks and missions within the game. The missions reset daily, so we will be sure to update this section in line with the challenges that are currently active.

The current Bingo in Cookie Run: Kingdom is the Springtime Bingo. This event is due to end on March 30, 2022.

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