Warzone Streamer Rage Quits When Hacks Stop Working

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Despite the introduction of RICOCHET anti-cheat and regular ban waves, cheaters are continuing to drop into Caldera as Season 1 Reloaded of Warzone Pacific progresses. The sudden influx of hackers in the battle royale combined with various bugs ranging from turning guns invisible to Gulag winners being killed has left the community frustrated with a lack of progress being made.

With hackers continuing to receive bans from Warzone, a streamer has sent the community into hysterics after their cheats stopped working during a match, eventually causing them to rage quit and admit they were using hacks to gain an unfair advantage.

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Warzone Streamer Loses When Hacking

In a Tweet posted by MavriqGG, the streamer dropped into Rebirth Island armed with an aimbot fully expecting to dominate the opposition during the match but to their surprise, they were struggling to score an elimination. As the video continues, the frustration builds before they claim "the aimbot is f**king broke again," much to the amusement of the community.

The clip quickly took social media by storm, with FaZe Clan member and pro Warzone player Swagg branding the hacker a "loser" and another player claiming that the video was "better than seeing him get banned." The stream quickly came to an end after the hacker had to "fix his situation." Hardly surprising when even cheats can't even boost your K/D ratio.

Activision Sues Cheat Provider


In the latest step in Warzone's battle with cheaters, Call of Duty publisher Activision has filed a lawsuit against notable cheat provider EngineOwning for selling cheats to players. As for the angry cheater in the video, it's not known whether they fell victim to the ban hammer or RICOCHET.

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