Unbelievable Warzone Glitch Turns Guns Invisible

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Invisibility issues within Warzone are nothing out of the ordinary, much to the annoyance of the community. With Season 1 Reloaded officially underway and with Raven Software attempting to address numerous bugs and glitches, many are hoping that the state of the battle royale improves as the start of Season 2 approaches.

Recent patches have addressed the likes of the Awoken Operator Skin turning players invisible but a newly-discovered glitch appears to make weapons disappear completely when players choose to aim down sights (ADS). Along with turning the weapon invisible, the intended target also vanishes into thin air, much to the confusion of the community.

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Warzone Invisible Gun Glitch

Warzone Pacific Invisible Gun Glitch
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Having encountered their Bren disappear before their very eyes, Reddit user 'lookmaimonthereddit' uploaded a clip aptly titled "invisible skin was one thing. How about invisible everything." The short video showcased their weapon disappearing when attempting to eliminate an unsuspecting opponent.

The optic vanishes shortly before the rest of the weapon and the enemy, making it impossible to see where to aim and where the other player could've retreated to. It's obvious that this is a game-breaking problem and is another in a long line of issues that have plagued Warzone since it arrived on Caldera. Others that have encountered the glitch claim it could be a number of factors that cause weapons to disappear ranging from an ultrawide aspect ratio to using the 3x-6x scope.

Will The Invisible Gun Glitch Get Fixed?

Considering the severity of the problem, it's highly likely that the invisible gun glitch impacting Warzone players will be addressed by Raven Software as quickly as possible. With an emphasis on communication between the community and developer, there's every chance we will get answers on the issue in the not-too-distant future.

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