Warzone Glitch Killing Players That Win Gulag

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Throughout Warzone's short time on the Pacific island of Caldera, players have encountered a variety of game-breaking bugs and glitches that have prevented them from experiencing smooth battle royale action expected from the Call of Duty franchise. As Season 1 Reloaded gets underway, new issues continue to appear despite the best efforts of Raven Software.

The Gulag acts as a second chance for players to get back into the action by pitting two eliminated players against each other. Winning the Gulag allows players to drop back into the action but rather than regrouping with squadmates, players are being eliminated despite scoring a victory.

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Warzone Pacific Gulag Glitch

Warzone Gulag Glitch Kills Winning Players
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Despite the mid-season update patch notes fixing a range of issues, players that find themselves winning their 1v1 duel are being eliminated immediately afterward rather than getting back into the action, much to their annoyance. A video published by Reddit user 'PinkLyfe69' demonstrated the glitch in action. Rather than falling from the skies for a second time, the player is greeted with the end-game lobby and their final placement.

According to commenters, this isn't the first instance of this issue impacting Warzone. Gulag winners being eliminated first appeared in late 2021 with nobody knowing what seems to cause this incredibly annoying issue. As the Gulag is an integral part of Warzone, players will be hoping Raven Software applies a fix as quickly as possible.

When Will the Warzone Gulag Glitch Get Fixed?


At the time of writing (January 14th), Raven Software has yet to acknowledge the issue but it's likely to be addressed in an upcoming update. Be sure to keep an eye on the developer's Trello board for all the latest information on Warzone issues that are being tracked.

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