Warzone Players Claim Hackers Have Ruined Rebirth Island in Season 6

Ever since Warzone was released, Activision and Raven Software have attempted to deal with hackers in numerous ways. Despite recent ban waves banning tens of thousands of cheaters from the battle royale, players are continuing to encounter those using all kinds of cheats to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents.

With Season 6 underway, many members of the community often retreat to Rebirth Island to evade any hackers that are running rampant in Verdansk but it seems that the cheaters are beginning to realise that Rebirth is full of players. More hackers are beginning to appear in Rebirth Island, leading to some players claiming that the smaller map is now unplayable.

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Warzone Cheaters Ruining Rebirth Island

Warzone Rebirth Island Hackers
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Throughout Season 5, many players headed to Rebirth Island to get their fix of Warzone action as the risk of encountering a cheater was much lower. In the early stages of Season 6, hackers have been spotted in Rebirth Island using unreleased skins and aimbots to clear out lobbies with ease, much to the annoyance of the community.

Reddit user '305FF' took to the Warzone subreddit to share their frustrations with fellow players. "Game is literally unplayable at the moment, even on Rebirth," the user states.

Another user agreed with the statement, revealing that they had encountered "multiple Ghostface skins on Rebirth" and even went as far as implying that "Rebirth is even worse than normal Warzone." According to some players, the start of a new Warzone season always sparks an increase in cheaters due to some cheat providers providing free trials of their hacks.

When Is The Next Warzone Ban Wave?

With an increase in cheaters populating Rebirth Island along with Verdansk, it's likely that Raven Software will be swinging the ban hammer in the not too distant future in order to prevent cheaters from completely ruining the final season in Verdansk. The developer has yet to confirm any kind of intervention but if the problem persists, the community is going to demand some action to take place before the new anti-cheat finally arrives.

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