Warzone Hackers Gain Access To Unreleased Halloween Skins

The start of The Haunting Halloween event is still a few days away and as the community patiently waits for spooky season to get underway, Warzone hackers have managed to get their hands on unreleased Operator skins, much to the annoyance of players. As part of the seasonal celebrations, Ghostface from the Scream movie franchise and Donnie Darko's Frank are expected to arrive in the battle royale on October 19th, but cheaters are already using the skins on the streets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Hackers are continuing to run rampant in Warzone despite the best efforts of Raven Software and this latest wave of cheaters accessing unreleased items is undermining everyone that will have to pay for the skins using their hard-earned COD Points.

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Warzone Cheaters Using Unreleased Skins

Warzone Ghostface Operator
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The limited-edition Operator bundles usually cost in the region of 1600-2400 COD Points but hackers clearly don't want to fork out in order to get their hands on some of the better-looking cosmetics that are expected to arrive in Warzone in the coming weeks. Eagle-eyed players may have already spotted Ghostface but one cheater managed to obtain Frank.

Alongside Frank, Reddit user 'Chillenge' managed to come across a skeleton outfit complete with a blue flame burning inside it. "That's sick!" one squad member exclaims as they prepare to drop into the match. A release date for the fiery skeleton hasn't been revealed yet but we do think it looks sick.

Warzone Halloween Event 2021 Start Date

The Haunting is set to get underway on October 19th with a range of all-new challenges and limited-time modes for players to experience alongside the official release of Ghostface and Frank. Check out our dedicated Halloween event hub containing all the latest news and information.

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