How Many Players Have Been Banned From Warzone So Far?

Cheaters have no place in Warzone. Despite the arrival of Ricochet anti-cheat, some looking to gain an unfair advantage over the opposition continue to slip through the net, much to the annoyance of the community.

Some ban waves have only made a small dent while others have managed to target cheaters at the source, with Activision taking legal action against the cheat manufacturers as well as banning those using the cheats. With that said, just how many accounts have fallen victim to the ban hammer?

Total Number of Warzone Bans
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How Many Warzone Accounts Have Been Banned?

Since the launch of Warzone, Activision and the team behind Ricochet had tried its best to prevent cheaters from ruining the battle royale for everyone. The most recent wave of bans took care of 90K accounts, bringing the total number of banned accounts to at least 940K.

Regular ban waves seem to have a significant impact on the number of cheaters managing to bypass Ricochet. With nearly a million accounts suspected of cheating unable to load into the game, it's a huge step forward as Activision continues to gain control of the problem.

Even with the implementation of Ricochet anti-cheat, Activision is still dishing out regular ban waves in order to combat cheaters within Warzone and other Call of Duty titles.

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