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How Many Players Have Been Banned From Warzone So Far?

Update - September 1

Just a week after Raven issued 100,000 bans, the Warzone developer announced yet another round of cheater removals.

This time, Raven banned 50,000 accounts for either cheating or providing cheats, and promised there's more to come.

That brings the total number of banned Warzone accounts to approximately 650,000.


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Since the release of Warzone, Raven Software and Activision have been involved in an ongoing battle against cheaters using all kinds of cheats and hacks in order to gain an unfair advantage over the opposition. During Season 5, the cheaters have shown no signs of disappearing from the battle royale, despite regular ban waves taking place in a bid to reduce the numbers of cheaters dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island.


Some ban waves have only made a small dent while others have managed to target cheaters at the source, with Activision taking legal action against the cheat manufacturers as well as banning those using the cheats. With that said, just how many accounts have fallen victim to the ban hammer?

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How Many Warzone Accounts Have Been Banned?

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2020 saw little to no intervention when it came to tackling cheaters within Warzone, much to the annoyance of the community but as Infinity Ward took a step back and Raven Software took charge of development in 2021, a February blog post revealed that the first ban wave had taken place, with 60,000 accounts permanently removed. This increases the total number of banned accounts to more than 300,000.

In March, another wave of bans came into effect, preventing a further 13,000 accounts from accessing the battle royale. This was quickly followed up with another one in April, banning another 30,000 accounts. Since then, the ban waves have become more regular as Raven Software and Activision increases their efforts to stamp out cheaters once and for all.


After the August 25th ban wave which dealt with another 100,000 cheaters, the total number of bans issues is more than 600,000 and although it's a small amount considering tens of millions play the game, it's certainly better than none at all.

The next step in the war on cheaters is the introduction of anti-cheat software expected to arrive alongside the release of Vanguard in November. Until then, the ban waves are likely to continue as the number slowly moves towards one million.