Warzone Season 6: The Best Verdansk Landing Spots

Season 6 of Warzone is in full swing and as players continue to drop into Verdansk in a bid to climb aboard the victory helicopter, there are numerous places where you can drop at the start of a match. The latest season of post-launch content saw huge changes to Verdansk with the majority of Downtown being destroyed and huge fissures opening up to reveal a number of World War 2 bunkers.

With such significant changes to the map, some of the more popular landing spots have quickly fallen out of fashion amongst the community and after dropping into the action a few times, we've found the very best places to drop in Season 6!

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Warzone Season 6 Best Landing Spots

Warzone Season 6 Best Landing Spots
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Thanks to the sheer size of Verdansk, there are so many places for players to land, some of which have proven to be more popular than others. Depending on your style of play, there are spots to suit everyone but where exactly are the best landing spots in Season 6 of Warzone?


Warzone Airplane Factory POI
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The factory arrived as a new point of interest (POI) when Verdansk was transported back into the 1980s. Located in the centre of the map, it's often full of loot perfect for contesting any opposition in the early stages of a match. The area also contains plenty of Cash, ideal for getting your hands on a Loadout Drop as fast as possible. Solo matches often feature a number of players dropping in, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for anyone attempting to catch you off-guard by hiding in a building.


Warzone Superstore POI
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The Superstore has been an immensely popular landing spot in previous Warzone seasons and for Season 6, that hasn't changed, with players constantly dropping inside the building and on its roof to score some early kills. Whether you end up on the roof or inside the building, there is an abundance of loot and Cash that can get your game off to a quick start.

Look out for any vehicles that might spawn outside of the building. A fast getaway could be required if the action gets too hot to handle!


Warzone Hospital POI
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Perhaps the most popular landing spot in Season 6, the Verdansk Hospital always features a huge number of players attempting to get their hands on a Helicopter that regularly spawns on the roof. If you're lucky, you can utilise the chopper as an almighty killing machine to score plenty of quick kills but if you don't, you may find yourself on an early trip to the Gulag.

All is not lost if you do miss out on the Helicopter. The inside of the hospital often contains useful loot such as Dead Silence while the surrounding buildings feature the elusive Legendary Supply Crates containing high-tier loot that can have a huge impact on the early game. Don't forget about using the Red Doors to your advantage. One regularly spawns inside the main hospital building and if you can guess the correct door, the potential of scoring Killstreaks, Legendary weapons, and heaps of Cash is incredibly high.

There you have it! These are the best places to land in Season 6 of Warzone. As the season progresses, we will update this article if players opt to choose different POIs to begin their games. In the meantime, find out everything you need to know about The Haunting event in our dedicated hub.

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