What’s Inside the Old Mines in Warzone?

The Secrets of the Pacific event has officially begun in Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard. While Vanguard's event has been temporarily disabled by Sledgehammer Games, Warzone players can still enter Verdansk to complete the six challenges that provide fresh details about the Caldera map that will be released as part of Season 1.

With Raven Software offering several events to honor the end of Verdansk, the Old Mines have finally unlocked with the start of the Secrets of the Pacific event. Here's where to find the Old Mines and what to expect when you drop inside!

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Warzone Old Mine Location

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The Old Mines south of Summit are the only mines that have opened in Verdansk. They're located beneath the mining shacks on the hill just northeast of the Airport, with many entrances. Another pair of mines can be found near the Salt Mines. However, there’s no indication for them to open, as of yet.

What’s in the Warzone Old Mines?

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The Old Mines has everything players can imagine from a Warzone POI, including chests and floor loot, but it also has Secrets of the Pacific Intel. A dynamite box can be found if players take the zip line towards the west which enables them to dive deeper into the mine. After pressing interact with the box to collect the Intel, players must hold on to it for the necessary number of circle collapses.

Surviving with Intel is the key as it allows players to unlock the Familiar Machinery Spray. Once this process is completed for all six Intel pieces, players are rewarded with the Bomber Menace STG44 Blueprint.

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