Warzone & Vanguard Secrets of the Pacific Event Start Date, Time, Rewards, Objectives & Everything We Know

Season 6 of Warzone is coming to an end and the focus is beginning to turn towards a brand-new era of the battle royale in Season 1 of Warzone Pacific, which will be the first season taking place on the Pacific island of Caldera. Prior to Verdansk's imminent departure, the community will learn more about the game's new location across Vanguard and Warzone through the Secrets of the Pacific event.

Just like past events, players can earn a range of exclusive rewards by completing a range of objectives across both titles. With that said, find absolutely everything you need to know about the Secrets of the Pacific event in our dedicated hub!

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Latest News

24 November 2021 - Secrets of the Pacific Event Live

After a short wait, the Secrets of the Pacific event is now live across Warzone and Vanguard! Drop into either game to find a set of six challenges that can be complete to earn a range of cosmetics and the chance to uncover more information on the new Caldera map releasing in December.

24 November 2021 - Start Date Unchanged

Despite the start of Season 1 being delayed the start date for the Secrets of the Pacific will be going ahead on November 24th. If a recent Call of Duty blog post is anything to go by, we will be finding plenty of information on the new Caldera map.

Secrets of the Pacific Event Details

Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Event
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So far, there have been minimal details on what the event will feature but we do know that a wealth of information on Caldera and its points of interest will be revealed before its December launch. It's believed that the event will span across Vanguard too, with a number of challenges to complete in order to uncover the secrets of the Pacific.

Secrets of the Pacific Event Start Date & Time

Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software have already revealed that the action will get underway on November 24th, just over a week before Warzone heads to the Pacific. Based on previous themed events, we can expect the event to go live at 6.30PM GMT / 10.30AM PT / 8.30PM CEST.

Secrets of the Pacific Event Challenges & Objectives

With the event now live, both Vanguard and Warzone have two sets of challenges and objectives that can be completed. Find a complete list of challenges and their requirements below.


  • Jailbreak - In Battle Royale, go to the location shown in the photograph to find the mysterious object to unlock this reward. (Photo is the Gulag)
  • On The Air - In Battle Royale, look for sweet deals on the latest electronics to earn this reward. (Photo is the electronics store in Promenade)
  • Fast Food - In Battle Royale, enjoy a quick meal while you wait for your plane to unlock this reward.
  • On Your Feet - In Battle Royale, go to a place where you can get patched up after a firefight to unlock this reward. (Go to Hospital)
  • Abandoned - In Battle Royale, those who go beneath the earth in an unfamiliar location can unlock this reward. (Go to Mineshaft)
  • Secrets - In Battle Royale, secrets of the past have been revealed recently. Go there to unlock this reward.


  • Mission #001 - Get 25 Eliminations.
  • Mission #002 - Get 5 Multikills
  • Mission #003 - Perform 1 Finishing Move
  • Mission #004 - Vote for Team MVP in 10 matches.
  • Mission #005 - Play matches with another member of your Clan 5 times
  • Mission #006 - Get 3 wins

Secrets of the Pacific Event Rewards

By completing each challenge, you can earn anything ranging from an exclusive Calling Card that showcases a small area of Caldera to a small sticker that can be equipped onto the weapon of your choice.

As an additional reward for completing all six challenges, an Epic weapon blueprint can be earned. It will be available to use in Season 1 of Warzone Pacific and Vanguard.

That's everything we know about the Secrets of the Pacific event taking place in Warzone and Vanguard. For more intel, check out the list of known POIs on Caldera as well as everything you need to know about Season 1 of Vanguard and Warzone Pacific.

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