Sledgehammer Games Disables Secrets of the Pacific Event

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The build-up to Call of Duty's journey to the Pacific is beginning to take shape, much to the excitement of the community, as Season 1 of Warzone Pacific and Call of Duty Vanguard approaches. While the majority of the attention is on Warzone as it enters a new age with the release of the Caldera map, Vanguard players can expect new weapons and Operators to debut in multiplayer.

Prior to the upcoming season, players are jumping into the Secrets of the Pacific event that includes a range of exclusive items which can be earned upon completing various challenges. However, the event had a rocky start as players reported widespread Vanguard crashes.

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Sledgehammer Disables Secrets of the Pacific Event

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The new Secrets of the Pacific event was live for a short period of time before the developers decided to pull the plug on it. The event ran for about 10 minutes before Sledgehammer Games disabled it, following the numerous Vanguard crash reports from millions of players.

While the event was quickly put an end to, the players in the middle of the challenges were not happy with the decision. Sledgehammer Games further clarified that the progress of players that had already started the challenges would remain intact once the event comes back online.

When Will Secrets of the Pacific Event Resume in Vanguard?


Sledgehammer Games has yet to reveal any information surrounding the return of the Secrets of the Pacific event but considering that the event is only around for a couple of weeks, it won't be long before the developer restarts the event for Vanguard players.

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