All Secrets of the Pacific Challenges in Warzone

After a few weeks of waiting, the Secrets of the Pacific event is now live in Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard. The event is part of the End of Verdansk and the build-up for the imminent launch of Warzone Pacific, an all-new era of the battle royale set on the island of Caldera.

The Secrets of the Pacific event will allow players to unlock previews of the brand-new map by completing a series of challenges that will also reward players with exclusive cosmetic items. With that said, here are all of the Warzone challenges for the Secrets of the Pacific event.

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Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Event Challenges

Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Challenges
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There are a total of six challenges to complete as part of the limited-time event that comes to an end on December 7th, meaning there's plenty of time to complete them before Season 1 gets underway. Find a full list of challenges and their requirements below.

  • Jailbreak - In Battle Royale, go to the location shown in the photograph to find the mysterious object to unlock this reward. (Photo is the showers in Prison)
  • On The Air - In Battle Royale, look for sweet deals on the latest electronics to earn this reward. (Photo is the electronics store in Promenade)
  • Fast Food - In Battle Royale, enjoy a quick meal while you wait for your plane to unlock this reward.
  • On Your Feet - In Battle Royale, go to a place where you can get patched up after a firefight to unlock this reward. (Go to Hospital)
  • Abandoned - In Battle Royale, those who go beneath the earth in an unfamiliar location can unlock this reward. (Go to Mineshaft)
  • Secrets - In Battle Royale, secrets of the past have been revealed recently. Go there to unlock this reward.

Some of the challenges require players to visit specific locations on the map. To make it easier to find the objects, Raven Software has provided images of where to go. Locations range from the Gulag to the electronics store in Promenade.

Once all of the challenges have been completed, you'll unlock an Epic weapon blueprint that will be available to use once Season 1 commences on December 7th/8th.

There you have it! That's all of the challenges available as part of the Secrets of the Pacific Warzone event. For more intel, check out everything you need to know about Season 1 of Warzone Pacific in our dedicated hub.

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