Strange Warzone Glitch Removes Bolt Action From Kar98k

Call of Duty Warzone received a new update on December 15 bringing in a host of bug fixes as well as some balance changes. Along with the new patch, we also discovered a new bug that could potentially break the game.

The new bug can turn the Kar98k into a monstrous semi-auto weapon that can be lethal at any range. The Kar98k is a bolt-action weapon but this particular glitch gives the rifle a drastic increase in its rate of fire, much to the surprise of the community.

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Warzone Kar98k Semi-Auto Glitch

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Warzone YouTuber KRNG Depv uploaded a clip of the bugged Kar98k online showcasing the insane fire rate that can be achieved. The clip shows off the rifle firing bullets while bypassing the rechamber animation completely.

The bug came to the attention of the community after a number of content creators began posting clips of the bugged Kar98k online. However, some videos suggest that the bug may have been around for longer and it simply flew under the radar until now.

You can still use the Kar98k as a traditional sniper but firing away without the bolt-action animation can allow you to catch enemies by surprise if they dare to push you. The semi-auto fire rate is also great for finishing off downed enemies quickly but the recoil can be tricky to control.

Recent issues like low FPS on Xbox Series consoles and other bugs are listed on the Warzone Trello board which lists all known issues. But it looks like Raven Software is unaware of this particular Kar98k glitch.

When Will The Kar98k Glitch Get Fixed?

With more players learning about the issue since the December 15 update, we expect Raven Software to address the issue quickly. The Kar98k is easily one of the best weapons in the battle royale and while this glitch turns it into a semi-automatic weapon, it completely breaks the sniper’s archetype.

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