Awoken Operator Skin Turning Warzone Players Invisible

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The December 15th update for Warzone has been far from smooth sailing despite the patch addressing numerous bug fixes and issuing a nerf to the hugely popular Automaton assault rifle. While Raven Software released the update with the intention of fixing several problems, it appears that it has added even more, much to the annoyance of players continuing to drop into Caldera.

Another issue that has arisen involves the Awoken Operator Skin that's available when Tier 100 of the Battle Pass has been reached. Its bright orange colour should be very easy to spot in Caldera, but a new glitch is causing players using the skin to turn invisible.

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Warzone Awoken Skin Invisibility Glitch

Awoken Skin Invisibility Glitch
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Invisibility glitches are nothing new in Warzone, despite Raven Software's best efforts to stop players from completely disappearing. This particular glitch was uncovered by Warzone content creator and former professional Call of Duty player BennyCentral, who noticed a player using the Awoken Skin completely vanish after moving 35 metres away.

The disappearing player seems to occur regardless of whether you're a member of a squad or whether it's an opponent attempting to score a kill, meaning that anyone that's completed the Battle Pass has a huge advantage in those long-distance duels that often take place over the course of a match. Some players were quick to point out that the exploit means that the Operator Skin is currently pay-to-win, which is hardly ideal.

When Will The Invisibility Glitch Get Fixed?


Considering the huge impact that the Awoken and its invisibility properties can have on a match, it's highly likely that Ravne Software is already working on some kind of fix. All being well, players will be able to spot anyone using the Awoken skin when a fix goes live in a future update.

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