Automaton Nerfed in December 15th Warzone Update

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is well underway and as players continue to drop into Caldera despite the chances of turning into a giant grenade, developer Raven Software has implemented another dose of weapon balancing in a bid to maintain a somewhat stable meta.

Since the Vanguard weapon arsenal was integrated into the battle royale, many players quickly gravitated towards the Automaton assault rifle thanks to its non-existent recoil and incredibly fast rate of fire. In a bid to bring the rifle in line with the rest of the weapons, the Automaton has received a small, yet significant nerf which drastically impacts its long-range performance.

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Warzone Automaton Nerf

Warzone Automaton Nerf
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The nerf was added into the battle royale as part of Warzone's December 15th update which also included numerous bug fixes alongside tweaks to various attachments available for the Automaton. Alongside an increase in recoil, the 6.5, Sakura 75 Round Drums has had its ADS move speed, and move speed has been decreased by 2% and 3%, decreasing levels of mobility. The movement speed for the 8mm Klauser Rifle 50 Round Mags has also been decreased.

Is The Automaton Still Good in Warzone?

Despite the increase in recoil and movement speed, the Automaton is still a very strong assault rifle to use when dropping into Caldera. The recoil increase is noticeable but with some trigger discipline, it can be controlled and feels just as good as it did before it received a nerf. It will be interesting to see whether players do move to another rifle if the Automaton does fall short but for the time being, it's still a deadly weapon to use in the battle royale.

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