Raven Software Addresses Warzone Pacific FPS Issues

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is now live, and it has been well received by most of the Call of Duty community. The new update introduced the Caldera map, a brand-new Battle Pass with exclusive rewards, and seasonal events arriving in the coming weeks.

But not everyone is happy with the new content update as it looks like the new map set in the Pacific is causing huge FPS issues, especially for console users. Both Xbox and PlayStation players have complained about low framerates since the new Caldera map dropped. Players can finally have some respite as Raven Software has addressed the complaints, revealing a potential fix could be on the way

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Raven Software Responds To FPS Issues

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Warzone Creative Director Ted Timmins confirmed that the FPS drops are troublesome, and he himself is experiencing low framerates on his Xbox Series X. The dev was unaware of why the issue was not listed on the official bugfix Trello board and promised to get back to players soon. According to the creative director, the dev team is busy right now, and the comms team is working hard to keep players updated.

Soon after the tweet, the Warzone Trello board was updated, and the dev team is expected to address the low framerates issue on consoles soon. While the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 might not match top-of-the-line PC hardware, both consoles can push solid framerates even at 4K. Hopefully, once the update drops, fans will experience Warzone at the intended framerates.

When Will Warzone's FPS Get Fixed?

The new Caldera map introduced jungle terrain and more aerial combat, causing frame drops on consoles. Fortunately, the issue is now on Raven Software’s radar, and the dev team is working on a fix.

Raven Software constantly updates the Warzone Trello board to keep up with the latest changes being worked on. It typically takes a few weeks for major issues to be addressed once they show up on the board, so fans might have to wait a while until the game runs as intended on consoles.

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