TimTheTatman Says Caldera's Pace Is Too Slow

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is now live, much to the delight of Call of Duty fans. Players have been dropping into the new Caldera map along with getting to grips with the new guns and Operators that have been introduced to the arsenal. A new Battle Pass is also available, with a number of exciting rewards.

After a few weeks of playing Caldera, it appears the new update is not impressing streaming superstar Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar. The popular streamer claims that the delayed Loadout Drops introduced with the latest update have ruined the fast-paced action Warzone is famed for.

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TimTheTatman’s Problem With Caldera

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Similar to any fan of the Call of Duty franchise, TimTheTatman has been grinding Warzone as of late with their usual squad of big streamer names. While Aydan outright hates the new map, Tim feels strongly about one issue in particular.

“You all don’t feel like the game feels so much slower,” they asked their chat. "I hate that. The reason I love Warzone is the pacing of it. You get loadies (loadout drops) early and send it," they added.

Tim also believes this change will drive people away from the game and asked their duo Cloakzy, whether they like the recent loadout drop change. "I don’t like the change," Cloakzy stated. "It does not feel like Warzone, it’s not going to change. You have to get used to it.”

Will Raven Software Revert to Early Loadout Drops?

Like any developer, Raven Software is probably checking players’ responses to this change. The power to make a change lays in the hands of the developer and if it’s a major issue within the community, it's likely some kind of changes will be introduced. At the minute, it is too early to determine if this change is good or bad although the vast majority of pro players and streamers have been unimpressed with the slower pace of Caldera.

For more Season 1 news, check out all of the Operators that will be arriving along with the other weapons joining the arsenal in the coming weeks.

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