Aydan Threatens To Quit Warzone Over New Caldera Map

Aydan 'Aydan' Conrad clearly does not like the new Call of Duty Warzone Pacific update. Even though the new map shows a realistic depiction of Caldera, a real-world location, that doesn't make it much fun, in his opinion. What bothers him most is that he keeps dying due to the terrain.

Many of us do not like being in games where campers can do better than us due to the places of interest. However, Aydan is not the only one to criticize the level design, even Dr DisRespect, a former Call of Duty level developer, does so as well. To be completely honest, the timing of them playing so poorly is strange, to say the least.

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Warzone Pacific map

It is important to remember that Streamers played this before the game was released, so there are no fixes from patches. Unlike the build players had in the update, this is a version of the build from earlier. Despite this, Aydan was unhappy:

IceManIsaac takes the opposite approach, where it's really up to the player.

There is always another side to every story. I don't take these accusations seriously, but it's a strange coincidence.

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The video below has some amazing clips of things going wrong, including Dr DisRespect's opinion:

What do you all think? There's so much to take in, but maybe there's more than meets the eye here.

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