Hilarious Warzone Bug Turned Pro Player Into Plane During $75K Tournament

Competitive Warzone tournaments are always a treat to watch and sometimes they have some absurd moments that make no sense. As Season 1 of the battle royale progresses, tournament organisers are already hosting events on Caldera, much to the excitement of the community.

KARNAGE Clan member and pro Warzone player ‘Buzro’ was competing in a $75,000 Twitch Rivals event where they encountered a bug that turned the player into a plane. After winning their Gulag, they wanted to get back into the action but were unable to drop in after their game crashed.

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Warzone Pacific Plane Glitch

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The new bug seems to be completely random and no one knows why Buzro transformed into the re-deploy plane. By the time they were about to hit the ground, the player switched from being a plane to a parachuter five times before the game froze leaving them unable to compete.

Despite being in a high-stakes tournament, Buzro kept his cool. After the tournament admins realised what happened, they decided to postpone the tournament. A lot of players from the esports scene were unhappy with what just happened and expressed their concerns.

Warzone’s highest earner Aydan tweeted “in disbelief that there are tournaments even running right now.” It looks like Raven Software needs to address these glaring issues that can affect competitive events like Twitch Rivals which have upwards of $75,000 in prize money.

Should Warzone Tournaments Be Postponed?

Former Warzone pro MRKN Knight stated, “how about we just postpone tournaments so it doesn’t ruin the experience altogether," implying that the entire competitive scene should be put on hold as Raven Software attempts to iron out these game-breaking problems. While it's not an ideal solution, it's impossible to host a fair playing environment when these issues can appear from out of nowhere.

While we wait for a patch to address the problems, you can check out the upcoming Operators along with the unreleased Season 1 Weapons that should arrive very soon.

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