Bizarre Warzone Glitch Transforms Player Into a Grenade

Bugs and glitches have become an immensely frustrating part of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific, despite the best efforts of Raven Software attempting to address any game-breaking issues as quickly as possible. As players continue to drop into Caldera, many are encountering a range of problems with the battle royale, much to their annoyance.

One of the most recent glitches to be discovered is certainly one of the more unusual, with players being transformed into giant grenades, much to the surprise of those attempting to explore the new map and its points of interest. It may not be giving anyone an unfair advantage, but roaming around the map as a giant piece of lethal equipment is far from ideal.

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Warzone Grenade Transformation Glitch

Warzone Pacific Grenade Transformation Glitch
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A YouTube video posted by 'CubKulAid' quickly gained the attention of the community after one of their squadmates had morphed into a lifesize Frag Grenade while attempting to loot around the outskirts of the mines.

As the player attempts to enter the mine, they turn back into their Operator for a split second before reappearing as a giant grenade. Other players were quick to comment on the visual glitch, with one user teasing that Prop Hunt had been added into the battle royale.

While it may be an inconvenience to teammates, it's unclear as to whether the opposition can spot the giant grenade navigating their way around Caldera. With it being impossible to find the exact position of the target stuck inside the explosive, it could work to their advantage in a hotly-contested gunfight.

Will The Grenade Transformation Glitch Get Fixed?

It's pretty obvious that this is an unintentional visual glitch doing the rounds and it's highly likely that Raven Software is working hard to address all of the visual problems players are experiencing.

While we wait for players to morph back into their Operators, check out the best Automaton loadout to use in Caldera along with the best places to land.

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