Hidden Kar98k Trait Makes It The Best Warzone Sniper

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Season 6 of Warzone is right around the corner and ever since the battle royale launched back in 2020, the Kar98k Marksman Rifle from 2019's Modern Warfare has dominated the long-range metagame thanks to its incredible damage output and ease of control even in situations where it may not be the best weapon to be using.

Even though Raven Software has done its best to maintain balance across the entire arsenal, the rifle still proves to be a hugely popular choice despite recent competition from the Swiss K31, which has also featured in the loadouts of many players. Thanks to a range of data, there's a reason as to why the Kar98k has remained at the top for so long.


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Kar98k Secret Aim Assist

Warzone Kar98k Aim Assist

On paper, very little separates the Kar98k from the Swiss K31 but thanks to a video published by Warzone content creator TrueGameData, there is a standout performer between the two. TGD claims that the Kar98k features incredibly strong levels of aim assist which the Swiss doesn't have.


The Kar98k reportedly features hipfire aim assist to 35 metres and aim-down sight aim assist to around 200 metres while the Swiss has "minimal" aim assist according to the content creator. Even though TGD says that the overall performance of the Swiss is superior to the Kar98k, the aim assist of the Kar98k makes it the more popular selection for those dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island with a controller.

Why Is The Kar98k Better Than The Swiss?

The levels of aim assist could well come down to the fact that the Kar98k isn't actually classified as a sniper rifle within Warzone whereas the Swiss is a part of that particular category. Marksman rifles often feature superior mobility levels and if this latest discovery is anything to go by, a lot more aim assist than