Warzone streamer dislocates knee during match

Warzone players fighting and bandage wrapping
Credit: Activision

Warzone players fighting and bandage wrapping
Credit: Activision

When there’s so much action in your average Warzone 2 match, the chances of you getting hyped up after clutching are extremely high. Whether it’s success or failure, some choose to break their equipment, while others scream in sheer delight.

With Season One Reloaded for the battle royale in full swing, one streamer took a recent trip down memory lane to 2021 and the first iteration of Warzone. During a broadcast in August, Twitch streamer TheDannyHammer fell short of reaching the winner’s circle.

In the midst of jumping up and down, the streamer managed to dislocate his knee; much to the hilarity of his viewers.

An accidental Warzone injury

Although the injury occurred a while ago, FullSquadGaming reporter Jake Lucky posted the incident on December 20, resulting in nearly 900,000 fans seeing DannyHammer falling to the ground like it was a fresh event.

“I broke my f**king leg!” shouts the streamer as he collapses onto the ground, somehow mustering up the strength and pushing through the pain to apologise to his viewers before ending the broadcast for some much-needed medical attention. DannyHammer made a full recovery after the 2021 incident, but the viral clip will likely have resulted in the proverbial opening of some old wounds.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the streamer was playing Warzone from a military barracks. Danny later revealed he needed to complete a full medical report detailing the cause of injury before reporting it to his commanding officer. “The CO showed his kids and told them they weren’t allowed to play CoD anymore.”

Narrowly missing out on a Warzone win is always hugely frustrating, especially if you’ve managed to score plenty of kills en-route to the final circle, but managing to dislocate your knee is something else entirely. So far, DannyHammer has managed to avoid further injuries while playing the battle royale.

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