How to Use the Gasoline Cans in Warzone Pacific

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is finally here, much to the excitement of the Call of Duty community. Alongside the brand-new Caldera map and guns, players will have access to a brand-new Battle Pass, which includes a plethora of new and exciting Tier rewards.

Caldera has plenty of vibrant points of interest (POI) to explore compared to the gloomy streets of Verdansk. But there’s one thing that is found in almost every single building on the island. Players regularly spot a red Gasoline Can which can be interacted with. But what exactly do you do with it? Find out in this guide!

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Warzone Pacific Gasoline Cans

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A Gasoline Can is a Lethal Throwable that the players can find on top of shelves and desks in multiple buildings. They can be picked up similar to other ground loot and prior to throwing it, they can be set alight to deal a huge amount of explosive damage.

In the Warzone Pacific Season 1 patch notes, Raven Software described their use as follows:

“Pick them up, ignite them, throw them, send them up an ascender, set up a trap, shoot at them on the ground or in someone’s hands (you decide). These new little toys will explode, causing damage and releasing a non-toxic smoke to blind your enemies.”

These cans can be thrown and shot at, which will cause them to explode earlier than intended so be very careful when attempting to use one and an opponent begins to open fire!

Will Gasoline Cans Change the Meta?

This new addition to the battle royale will be put to great use by skilled players to out-class their opponents but it remains to be seen whether the Gasoline Cans will cause a shift in the everchanging meta. They may deal plenty of explosive damage, but does the risk of carrying one outweigh the potential rewards that can be earned?

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