Warzone Pacific: How to Stim Super Slide

As players begin to turn their attention to Season 1 Reloaded of Warzone Pacific, some members of the community are continuing to find new movement mechanics in order to gain an advantage over the opposition. Slide cancelling has been an integral movement mechanic since it arrived to Call of Duty when Warzone was first released and it appears that those dropping into Caldera have found an even faster way of navigating the map.

This particular mechanic is known as Stim super sliding involves players using the piece of equipment for more than a quick boost of health. With that said, find out how to perform a Stim super slide in this handy guide!

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How To Stim Super Slide in Warzone

Warzone Pacific Stim Super Slide
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Thanks to a buff to the Stim introduced with the Season 1 update, players can now receive a speed boost when using the equipment, opening the door for more ways to outplay an opponent. Pro Warzone player zSmit displayed the mechanic in action, managing to slide for a longer period of time and grabbing the MP-40 SMG without alerting any opposition.

For those wanting to move around Caldera like the pros, here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to Stim super slide:

  1. Use the Stim and begin to slide forwards.
  2. As the slide begins, it will last longer than normal.
  3. Use it to slide in and around the map!

Will Stim Super Slide Get Nerfed?

Considering that Raven Software has intentionally changed the movement speed of players using Stim, it's unlikely that the mechanic will be tweaked anytime soon. With no changes expected, many players will be looking to get to grips with the Stim super slide in order to be the last player standing on Caldera.

That's how to Stim super slide in Warzone! For more guides and intel, check out our Season 1 Reloaded hub and why Dr Disrespect hopes Warzone doesn't become the next H1Z1.

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