How To Slide Cancel in Warzone

Ever since the release of Warzone, players are always on the lookout to gain any kind of advantage over the opposition. As the start of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific nears, knowing how to slide cancel can make a huge difference when moving around the map.

The very best players often slide cancel to gain a temporary boost of speed as well as giving them the ability to react quickly to any targets that may suddenly appear. With that said, find everything you need to know about slide cancelling and how to master the mechanic in this guide.

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How To Slide Cancel On PC Warzone

For those unfamiliar with slide cancelling, the mechanic enables players to chain together periods of Tactical Sprint, allowing them to sprint at a faster speed than normal.

For PC users, the first thing to do is to rebind Left CTRL to ‘Change Stance/Slide’. This will allow you to hold Left CTRL to go prone rather than hitting C.

With the correct keybinds in place, double tap Left Shift to initiate Tactical Sprint, hold Left CTRL to slide, immediately tap Left CTRL to crouch and you will return to a standing position. To repeat the process, initiate Tactical Sprint and do it again.

If you’re learning to slide cancel efficiently, it’s best to jump into a private match to get familiar with the mechanic before dropping into a game with other players.

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How To Slide Cancel On Console Warzone

To slide cancel on a PlayStation or Xbox, double-tap the left analogue stick to activate Tactical Sprint and hold Circle/B to initiate a slide. As soon as you begin the slide, tap Circle/B again to crouch then press X/A to return to a standing position.

Once you have managed to master slide cancelling, you will notice a big difference in your movement speed. A well-timed slide cancel can often be the difference between evading another player or taking an unwanted trip to the Gulag so be sure to master this mechanic to improve your Warzone performances!

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