Dr Disrespect Hopes Warzone Won't Become The Next H1Z1

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World-renowned streamer Dr Disrespect recently highlighted on stream how Warzone is slowly becoming the next H1Z1. The two-time champion recalled the catastrophic fall of one of the very first battle royale games and urged Activision devs to address Warzone's growing issues.

It's not just Dr Disrespect, numerous streamers reported that Warzone became unplayable after the Caldera update. Several prominent streamers have even shifted to Apex Legends, along with pro players like Aydan.

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Dr Disrespect Asks Warzone Devs To Wake Up

Dr Disrespect and Zlaner were grinding through their regular triple threat challenge when the two-time's game crashed. The windows pop-up read as "Dev Error" and this got Dr Disrespect to speak his mind about the current state of Warzone. Zlaner further asked Doc to reveal why every popular streamer is quitting Warzone! He said:

"Reminds me a lot of H1Z1 when it finally said, you know what, see ya....That's a Dev Error, second time my fu***** game has crashed today! I also can't launch my game from the launcher. Also we got this sick character Krampus inside the game that has been there for weeks and nobody wants it."

Dr Disrespect ended the sentence with a big "wake the f*** up" addressing the developers about the unplayable state of Warzone. Players are holding Sledgehammer Games and Activision responsible for this, and most streamers have already migrated to Apex Legends.

With the situation getting out of hand, the community is looking forward to the devs solving these issues with Warzone. The devs assured on Twitter that updates will be more frequent from now on starting with a major patch dropping later this week!

Below is the video where Dr Disrespect highlights the issues with Warzone

Do you agree with Dr Disrespect that Warzone is slowly becoming the next H1Z1? What changes would you like to see to improve the current state of Warzone?

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