How To Get The RC-XD In Warzone

Season 2 Reloaded for Warzone is well underway after update 1.34 was rolled out across all platforms.

Alongside the hotly-anticipated nerf of the AUG tactical rifle and the next movements of the Zombie horde, players are now able to purchase a range of new items from Buy Stations and Containment Monitor Stations which can be found in a number of locations across Verdansk.

One of the new items available to purchase is very familiar to fans of the Black Ops series. The RC-XD can be bought and driven around to deliver a devastating impact to its intended target.

Here's how to acquire the iconic remote control car on Warzone.

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Warzone RC-XD

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Although it has just become available to purchase in the battle royale, the RC-XD has played a pivotal role in teasing the integration of Black Ops Cold War into the game.

Prior to the release of Cold War, the frame of the remote control car was discovered in one of the several shacks and now the game is fully integrated into Warzone, players now have the ability to drive it around the streets of Verdansk.

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How To Get RC-XD In Warzone

The process of acquiring the RC-XD in Warzone is incredibly straightforward.

Simply head to a Buy Station and enter the purchase menu. Once in the menu, the RC-XD will appear at the bottom of the list and can be bought for a reasonably priced $3000.

Before calling it in expecting an explosive elimination, be aware that the car does not detonate a powerful explosion.

Instead, the RC-XD will emit a small, yet incredibly deadly, cloud of toxic gas that is capable of sending an opponent straight into the Gulag.

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