Warzone Update 1.34 Patch Notes, Season 2 Reloaded, Release Date, Size, Bug Fixes, Weapon Balancing And Everything We Know

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The second season of Warzone content since the integration of Black Ops Cold War is about to reach the halfway stage.

While Treyarch has already begun teasing some of the content arriving in Season 2 Reloaded, Warzone developer Raven Software has remained tight-lipped in regards to any changes that could be making their way into the battle royale.

As the horde of the undead continue to make their way across Verdansk, the often-vocal community are beginning to speculate what kind of changes will be arriving into Warzone.

Here’s absolutely everything we know about Warzone update 1.34 and what to expect with the new update.

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Warzone Update 1.34 Release Date & Time

The update appears to have rolled out across the globe, meaning you'll be prompted to download it when starting the game.


The latest patch weighs in at 52GB on PlayStation consoles, 57.8GB on Xbox platforms, and 52.4GB on PC (for the Warzone only download).

If you have Modern Warfare, too, you can expect a 133.6GB download.

The good news is that the game will actually shrink after this update, as Raven optimises the game.


As mentioned above, Wolf and Rivas Operators will be arriving in the battle royale. They will be available to unlock by purchasing a bundle from the in-game store.

There’s also a high chance of the brand-new ZRG 20mm sniper rifle being added into the Warzone arsenal. Will it be able to content with the Kar98k as one of the best long-distance weapons to use?

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Patch Notes


  • Fixed Dev Error 6634 for Xbox.
  • Fixed subtitles for Sims, Beck, and Garcia.


  • Armor should now spawn consistently as ground loot across all matches.
  • The Tactical Map has been updated:
    • You can now double-click to place a Danger Ping.
    • When hovering over some pingable objects you’ll now sometimes get the name of the object, making it easier to see what you’re pointing at.
    • It should now be slightly easier to point at exactly what you want when items are very close to one another.
    • Changed “Delete Pings” text to “Remove My Pings”.
  • On Rebirth Island, an out of map exploit was fixed near Chemical Engineering.
  • In Plunder, Self Revive can now be dropped via the Quick Inventory menu.
  • With keyboard/mouse or any Bumper Ping control scheme, holding the Ping button down for a short time will let you clear all your placed pings at once.


  • The Cold War AUG’s base recoil magnitude has been increased.
  • Cold War weapon unlocks now appear properly in the After Action Report.


  • The Suppressor muzzle now correctly displays muzzle flash concealment as a pro.
  • The Cavalry Lancer barrel now increases damage done to vehicles.
  • Smooth zoom/variable zoom scopes will now properly mount on vertical walls.
  • Fixed some ADS firing animation issues on scopes.
  • Fixed a bug where some Cold War barrels were not having their intended effects.


  • Baker’s fourth Operator Mission Objective to eliminate 15 enemies using a weapon with an attached 2x magnified scope or greater now tracks properly.


The Season Two Reloaded update will have a download size of approximately 52.0 – 57.8 GB for owners of the free-to-play Warzone, who are up to date with the latest updates on either (or both) games.

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