Where Are The Zombies Going Next In Warzone?

As Season 2 of Warzone reaches the halfway point, the Zombies that arrived at the beginning of the season are continuing to expand their presence across various areas of Verdansk.

The undead has escaped the confines of the Vodianoy shipwreck, made their way to the Prison, and have recently taken control of the Verdansk hospital.

With the Zombies currently locked within the hospital, speculation on where the horde of the undead will move to next is the talk of the community.

Where are the Zombies heading next?

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Superstore Is The Next Target

The undead are continuing to visit a number of areas in Verdansk. Prior to their movements, several content creators have once again received an item along with another cryptic message.

Zombies Next Location Warzone Verdansk Season 2
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The zombies are off to do some shopping!

The note reads: "Clean up in aisle four. Bring more than a mop. The place for killer deals. Their latest customers shop long after they drop."

The note combined with the logo of the Atlas Superstore seemingly confirms where the undead is heading next.

TV Station Is The Next Target

Just like before the undead made their way to the Bank situated in Downtown, several content creators have received a new package containing a BCH4 mug, a t-shirt, and another cryptic message from Activision.

Warzone Zombies Moving To TV Station
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Looks like the Zombies are making their television debut...

The note reads: "Tonight at 10. Lead Anchor Ray Gun's look at the state of Verdansk. All this and gore on BCH4 News."

After taking over the National Acropolis Bank, the undead seems to be making their way north and will appear at the TV Station in the coming days. Keep your eyes peeled!

Zombies Heading To Bank

Several content creators have received another mysterious note from Activision. 

Rather than getting their hands on a set of hospital scrubs or a prison outfit, they've been sent a small piggy bank. 

Warzone Zombies Downtown Bank
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This means that the horde of the undead are currently on the move and are heading into Downtown Verdansk for the first time.

Expect them to arrive at the Acropolis National Bank close to the City Hall in the coming days.

Warzone Zombies Next Location

After a bit of theory-crafting, there are a few locations where the Zombies could be heading to.

It does seem very strange that the undead has completely bypassed Downtown as they made their way to the hospital, so there’s every chance they could make a U-turn and take control of one of the most popular landing spots on the entire map.

The likelihood of a U-turn towards Downtown seems slim, so rather than heading back on their original path, we think that the Zombies could be appearing in two locations.

The Airport


Warzone Zombies Airport
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The airport is one of the larger points of interest on the northern side of the Warzone map and could be the next major target for the Zombies to take control of.

Whether it's inside the remains of the airport terminal or the dimly lit hangars located close to the runway, there are plenty of places for the undead to spring an unexpected surprise onto anyone that attempts to land there.

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The TV Station


Warzone Zombies TV Station
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Throughout the spread of the undead, the breaking news reports coming from the TV Station could imply that the Zombies may be heading in their direction.

Although it’s one of the smaller points of interest on the map, it’s one of the most popular places to drop at the start of a match, and with so many brains for the Zombies to feast on, the undead could easily make themselves at home inside the building.

Where do you think the Zombies will be heading next? Let us know your theories on Twitter!

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