How To Check Which Warzone Streamers You Have Played Against

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Call of Duty’s battle royale, Warzone, is about to reach the halfway stage of Season 2 and more players are dropping into the game than ever before in a bid to contain the spread of the Zombies.

With plenty of world-class players often showcasing their skills on the streets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island, many casual players have often wondered whether they’ve ever managed to send a famous face to the gulag or have even shared the same lobby.

Thanks to a new app called ‘WZ Ranked’, players can now find out whether they’ve been fried by NICKMERCS or sent to the gulag by 100 Thieves’ pro Tommey.

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WZ Ranked App


WZ App Streamer
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WZ Ranked is a dedicated website that allows players to see some of their stats from recent matches. Everything from an average K/D ratio, gulag win ratio, and headshot ratio can be seen.

Recently, the website has added a ‘Streamers’ tab which allows players to see whether they’ve ever played in the same match as a famous content creator.

You can even find a full breakdown of what happened during the match which includes how many kills were scored, where you placed in comparison to the streamer, and more!

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How To Check WZ Ranked Streamers Tab

In order to check whether you’ve managed to match against some top Warzone talent, be sure to check your Call of Duty profile and make sure that the ‘Data Visible’ tab is selected to ‘All.’

Head to the WZ Ranked website, click on the ‘Individual Stats’ tab, and type in your Warzone username.

Once the website has loaded your in-game stats, click on the ‘Streamers’ tab, and any content creator or professional player that has featured in one of your recent matches will appear.

After typing in my stats, I found out that I was in the same lobby as Warzone streamer 'Xamzah'. While he placed 123rd in the game, I managed to finish in the top 50, much to my surprise.

Even if you don’t find any names you might be familiar with, it could be a great way of introducing new Call of Duty content creators you might enjoy watching.

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