Warzone Pacific: How to Fix Error Code Torch

Season 1 Reloaded for Warzone Pacific is on the horizon and as players look towards the next drop of brand-new content, many are still encountering a variety of errors that are preventing them from dropping into Caldera. Error code Torch is the latest error doing the rounds and it's been causing issues for PlayStation players in particular.

The error currently impacts PS4 and PS5 users, stopping them from being able to access the game. While there isn't an official way to fix this, we've found some useful workarounds that will have you playing in no time at all. With that said, here's how to fix error code Torch in Warzone Pacific.

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How To Fix Error Code Torch

How To Fix Warzone Error Code Torch
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As mentioned above, Raven Software has yet to issue a surefire solution to this particular problem but plenty of players that have encountered the error have come up with three workarounds that could stop the error from appearing once and for all:

  1. Shut down Warzone and restart the game.
  2. Change from a wired internet connection to a wireless one.
  3. Fully uninstall and reinstall Warzone.

The last suggestion is the last resort if the other two workarounds have failed. Due to the sheer size of the battle royale, it could take several hours to redownload it so bear that in mind before deciding on a complete reinstall. Error code Torch is the latest in a range of error codes that have been impacting Warzone. Other players have encountered dev error 6039 while some are continuing to encounter the notorious Status Goldflake error.

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