How to Fix Warzone Pacific Dev Error 6039

As Season 1 of Warzone Pacific nears its halfway stage, many players are beginning to grow tired of the issues currently impacting the hugely popular battle royale. With players disappearing to the Gulag at random alongside a problem with the Awoken Operator Skin turning players invisible a number of top content creators are being urged to switch to other titles in order to get their fix of battle royale action.

It's easy to see why many are considering a move away from Caldera until problems are addressed as several players are also experiencing a range of dev errors, more specifically error 6039. Find out how to fix the problem in this guide!

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Warzone Dev Error 6039

Warzone Dev Error 6039
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This particular dev error prevents players from loading into matches by telling them that a "content package is no longer available," when it's installed on the hard drive. It appears regularly for console players but has been reported by some PC players. Thankfully, the fix is incredibly straightforward and will allow you to drop back into Caldera in no time at all.

How To Fix Warzone Dev Error 6039

The simplest way to bypass dev error 6039 is by performing a full reinstall of Warzone. While it may take several hours for the game to reappear on your hard drive, it will replace any data packs that are either missing or corrupted, allowing you to play the game once again. Some may consider it a drastic form of action, but it ensures that dev error 6039 no longer appears.

There you have it, that's how to fix dev error 6039 in Warzone. For more guides, check out how to load into bot lobbies and the best FOV settings to use.

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