Warzone Players Demand Changes to Centre of Caldera Map

Warzone players may have only been dropping into Caldera for a little over a month but some players are already beginning to demand changes are made to the Pacific island as Season 1 Reloaded draws closer. Despite the island being a brand-new map, the new battleground has received its fair share of criticism from many members of the community.

The Peak point of interest (POI) is the highest on Caldera, giving players the perfect vantage point but the surrounding area features several empty hills rather than a variety of other POIs which have been placed around the outer edges of the island.

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Warzone Caldera Map Changes

Warzone Pacific Map Changes
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In comparison to Verdansk, Caldera's vibrant colours have proven a hit but its lack of interesting locations in the centre of the map have been a hot topic of conversation within the community. Reddit user 'stacker_4414' explained why the map needs a significant change.

"I'm getting real bored of the new map," the user explains. "The center of the map is mostly hilly, barren nothingness," and with most Warzone matches ending towards the centre of Caldera, it's understandable to see why players are getting frustrated. Commenters were quick to agree with the statement, with one player saying that the middle of the map "sucks."

When Will The Caldera Map Change?

With several players wanting the centre of Caldera to feature more than just empty fields and foliage, many will be hoping that some kind of modifications to the map is on the horizon. Raven Software has yet to reveal any kind of information on changes to Caldera but with many believing that an inactive volcano is underneath the island, drastic changes could take place as part of an in-game event.

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