How to Fix Warzone Dev Error 896

dSeason 1 of Warzone Pacific has had its fair share of issues since transitioning to the Pacific island of Caldera. With players turning invisible when equipping the Awoken Operator Skin and some having to reinstall the game thanks to dev error 6039, the new era of the game has been far from smooth sailing.

Along with error 6039, another dev error has been causing plenty of problems for players looking to be the last one standing at the end of the match. Dev error 896 is one of the more unusual game-breaking issues and is otherwise known as the launcher camo glitch. In this guide, find out how to avoid encountering this hugely annoying error.

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Warzone Dev Error 896

Warzone Dev Error 896
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While other dev errors require a full reinstall, this particular problem doesn't cause a full game crash. The error comes about when players attempt to modify a launcher from Call of Duty Vanguard within the Gunsmith and with only four Vanguard launchers to choose from, it's surprisingly simple to evade this pesky error code.

How To Fix Warzone Dev Error 896

There's no absolute fix for dev error 896 but until Raven Software decides to address the problem with an update, the only way to avoid the error is by leaving Vanguard's launchers untouched in the Gunsmith. You won't be able to attach any camouflages or cosmetic items onto the launcher of choice but it will prevent the game from crashing.

The error has yet to make an appearance on the developer's Trello board which keeps track of any known Warzone issues, meaning a fix could be a while away. Until then, it's best to leave Vanguard's launchers alone. While we wait for a surefire fix, check out the best sniper rifle to use in Warzone Pacific along with how to unlock the Ex Libris weapon blueprint.

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