Warzone Player Shows Heartbeat Sensor Nerf That Would Change the Meta

Throughout the history of Warzone, players have often relied on the Heartbeat Sensor in order to determine the location of any nearby opposition that could bring about an early trip to the Gulag. With Season 6 in full swing, the tactical is still a popular choice in loadouts. As it's so popular, the use of a Heartbeat Sensor forces players to use Ghost rather than another Perk in a bid to conceal their location.

With the metagame changing on a regular basis, one Warzone player has come up with a clever nerf that could spark a huge change in how players make their way around Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

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Game-changing Warzone Heartbeat Sensor Nerf

Warzone Heartbeat Sensor Nerf
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In a bid to encourage some kind of change to the Warzone Perk metagame, Reddit user 'XIDan1' published a post suggesting that the sensor should feature a battery that gradually depletes after each use. Once the battery runs flat, players will have to replace it with another one or through a Munitions Box.

Many members of the community were quick to counter the concept, suggesting that a nerf would be unnecessary as players can simply select Ghost to evade detection but others stated that Ghost is a "crutch Perk" needed to survive into the latter stages of a match.

Would A Heartbeat Sensor Nerf Work?

Theoretically, a Heartbeat Sensor nerf could encourage players to use an alternative to Ghost but with UAVs playing a huge role in locating opposition, it's likely that many players will still opt to use Ghost as one of the three Perks available in a loadout. The idea is certainly a good one but will only go so far when it comes to combatting campers in Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

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