How to Decrease Fear Level in Warzone

The Haunting Halloween event is finally here and is live across Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, much to the excitement of the community. Alongside a range of objectives to complete in order to obtain the LAPA submachine gun, The Ghosts of Verdansk is the newest limited-time to arrive into the battle royale.

While attempting to evade the ghosts, players will have another element of the game to manage. The Fear Meter can cause players to experience hallucinations but completing certain tasks during a match can prevent it from reaching 100%. In this guide, find out how to prevent the Fear Meter from reaching the maximum level.

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How To Decrease Fear Meter

How To Decrease Fear Meter Ghosts of Verdansk
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According to Raven Software, there are a total of four ways in which the level of the Fear Meter can be decreased. Here's a complete list of criteria:

  • Eliminating a ghost or player.
  • Reviving a teammate.
  • Completing a contract.
  • Remaining within Sacred Ground.

Perhaps the easiest way to lower Fear Level in the Ghosts of Verdansk mode is by completing contracts that spawn all over the map. They shouldn't vary too much from the contracts that appear during regular Warzone matches but do be careful when opening the Supply Boxes as you may encounter a spooky surprise.

Another useful method to reduce Fear is by utilising the Sacred Ground. Players can find Sacred Ground by entering the blue circle next to a huge beam of light. While inside the ring, the Fear Meter will begin to fall but the Ghosts are capable of destroying the ground, so be sure to move out of the way when the Fear Meter has come back down to a low percentage.

If you stick to these handy tips, you'll never get to find out what happens when the Fear hits the maximum level! For more Warzone Halloween intel, check out how to unlock the LAPA submachine gun and everything you need to know about The Ghosts of Verdansk mode.

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