Warzone Bug: Is the Heartbeat Sensor Killing Players?

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Here’s a wild bit of Call of Duty bug squashing: the heartbeat sensor is reportedly killing players who use it in Warzone.

Heartbeat Sensor Bug in Warzone

This is almost certainly a rare occurrence, granted, and it’s not something that’s supposed to happen.


But the evidence is pretty plain.

In a recent clip posted to r/CODWarzone (via LAD Bible), one player is standing inside a house looting as usual. When they pull out their heartbeat sensor, they’re killed almost instantly.

During the kill cam that plays afterward, no hit markers seem to appear on screen.

The kill simply shows up in the kill feed, the scoring player walks outside and looks around, and everyone involved seems utterly confused.


So what happened?

“When you put away the heartbeat sensor, you’re actually [firing] an invisible projectile,” one Reddit user claimed in a comment from several days ago.

“I guess every tactical equipment is hardcoded to be thrown when you let go of the key. Go ahead and try it near a window. I don’t think it does any damage, though.”

That may well be a big piece of the puzzle.


Another clip, posted to Reddit five months ago, shows a player being downed several times just by standing in place — indoors, notably, and sometimes, yes, by a window — while looking at their heartbeat sensor.

The heartbeat sensor, in general, has been buggy for some time. Players have also reported their game freezing and stuttering simply when pressing the button or key to activate it.

Will Infinity Ward address this anytime soon?

It seems like the kind of thing that needs to be patched, of course, but the truth is — it may not be an easy fix.