Gas Mask Glitch Stops Warzone Players From Winning Matches

Gas masks are hugely important pieces of equipment to earn during a Warzone match. The increased resistance to the incoming gas allows you to take additional damage which often saves you from a trip to the gulag.

In addition to the community sharing their frustrations on the new gulag, another game-breaking glitch has appeared within the battle royale.

With Season 3 in full swing and players dropping into Caldera to explore the new map changes, players are noticing a major gas mask glitch much to their annoyance.

Warzone Season 3 Gas Mask Glitch

The closing stages of a Warzone match are extremely intense as the final players battle for victory. The gas mask is perfect for launching an ambush from beyond the gas but in the case of Reddit user 'phenomzve,' the mask stopped them from scoring an impressive victory.

While on course for a victory containing over 14 kills, the player makes their move with a full gas mask equipped but as soon as they enter the gas, it breaks almost immediately leaving them exposed to the deadly damage.

It turns out many in the comments have fallen victim to this particular issue. One user was "questioning themselves" on whether the gas mask would protect them from the gas.

Alternatively, players can check the health of their gas mask to bypass the glitch. Rather than relying on the HUD, use the drop menu or drop it onto the ground to see the true state of your gas mask before you get caught out by the incoming circle.

It's far from ideal but it's better than no workaround at all. Let's hope Raven Software is working on a fix to prevent gas mask glitches from impacting Warzone once again.

For more intel, check out our dedicated Warzone page for the latest news, leaks, and loadout guides for Call of Duty's battle royale.

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