Warzone Players Unhappy With Season 3 Gulag

The Season 3 update for Warzone saw the arrival of a brand-new Gulag layout. The last-chance saloon often changes in order to keep the battle royale feeling fresh.

Known as Hold, the latest Gulag is set in the depths of a ship off the coast of Caldera and while it features a largely symmetrical layout, the new location contains plenty of dark areas that make it difficult for players to spot their opponents.

With a chance to drop back into the action on the line, players claim the layout caters to campers and poor weapon choices make it difficult to earn the victory.

Warzone Players Frustrated With Season 3 Gulag

Although the latest season of post-launch content is in its early stages, players aren't best pleased with the switch to a new Gulag. In a recent post, Reddit user 'yoursound09' claims the change is "terrible."

The dark lighting makes it very easy for Operators to blend into the scenery which is hugely problematic. Other comments suggest that the new layout doesn't contain "enough lines of sight," limiting opportunities for any potential flanks.

In addition, footstep audio from those waiting their turn is also distracting players from winning the one and only gunfight. Thankfully, the delayed footstep audio change is arriving during the season.

Will The Warzone Season 3 Gulag Change?

As Season 3 progresses, there's a chance Raven Software will modify the current Gulag layout to open more sightlines and switch the lights on so players can see each other. This combined with the footstep audio adjustment will improve the current Gulag enough for players to have a fair chance of redeploying into the action.

Whether it lives up to the huge popularity of the Verdansk showers is still up in the air.

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