Warzone Operation Monarch Event: Release Date Countdown, Leaks, and More

Warzone Operation Monarch Event
Credit: Legendary Pictures

Warzone Operation Monarch Event
Credit: Legendary Pictures

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May 11, 2022:

Today is the day! Operation Monarch begins in Warzone much to the excitement of players looking to defeat Godzilla and King Kong.

Find out when the Godzilla versus King Kong event starts by clicking here.

Following numerous teasers signalling the imminent arrival of Godzilla, details on a brand-new Warzone event have appeared much to the excitement of players. Known as Operation Monarch, the event also sees the arrival of King Kong.

With rumours suggesting the Pacific era of the battle royale won't contain a sixth season of post-launch content, the event will take place during the opening weeks of Season 3 which begins on April 27.

Once the next batch of content arrives, all eyes will be on the appearance of Godzilla and King Kong as they prepare for battle on Caldera. Here's all there is to know about Operation Monarch in Warzone.

When Does Operation Monarch Start?

Operation Monarch Start Time

According to the artwork unveiled on April 20, Operation Monarch will begin on May 11 two weeks after the start of Season 3. The date is likely to mark Godzilla and King Kong appearing on Caldera but details on what Operation Monarch will include haven't appeared yet.

Warzone Operation Monarch Mode

During the launch of Season 3, Raven Software confirms Operation Monarch will contain a standalone game mode "for Quads" and will contain a "titan-sized twist." In addition, the developer reveals players can take control of either Godzilla or Kong, dealing devastating damage across Caldera.

Operation Monarch Trailer

The first cinematic trailer for Operation Monarch confirms the arrival of King Kong on Caldera. Judging by the sheer size of the monsters, it's highly likely some kind of in-game event will involve players attempting to save the island from total destruction.

Operation Monarch Challenges

As with most Warzone events, there's a high chance of Operation Monarch containing a number of challenges for players to complete. It's likely players can earn plenty of XP and exclusive cosmetic items by eliminating Godzilla and King Kong.

Once we hear more about Operation Monarch and its challenges, we will update the article with the latest intel and how to complete them.

Operation Monarch Rewards

By completing challenges, there's always an opportunity to obtain some rewards whether it's XP or exclusive Calling Cards and Weapon Charms. Previous Warzone events have contained a variety of themed rewards to earn and it's likely Operation Monarch will be the same.

Rewards for taking part in the event are currently unknown but once they are, check back for all the intel.

That's all we know about Operation Monarch so far. Stay tuned to our Warzone page for all the latest news, leaks, and loadout guides for Call of Duty's battle royale.

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