Warzone Godzilla vs King Kong Event Start Time: When Does Operation Monarch Begin?

May 11, 2022 -

After weeks of teasers, the start of Operation Monarch is finally here.

In addition to finding out how to control Godzilla and Kong on Caldera, find the start time for the limited-time event below!

With Season 3 of Warzone in full swing, attention is turning towards the start of Operation Monarch, a brand-new limited-time event involving Godzilla and King Kong. The latest crossover sees players take on the monsters along with a chance of controlling them to deal devastating damage to anyone nearby.

In addition, there's a high chance of various objectives to complete containing a wealth of themed rewards to earn. As the event nears, players are wondering when the monsters will arrive on Caldera.

With that said, find out the Warzone Godzilla vs King Kong event start time in this hub containing everything you need to know.

When Does Operation Monarch Start?

Warzone Operation Monarch Event Start Time

The event begins on May 11 but an exact start time hasn't appeared yet. Based on other Warzone events, we expect Operation Monarch to start at 5PM BST.

Once Raven Software shares more intel, we will update the article.

Warzone Operation Monarch Event Details

The exact details on what Operation Monarch includes are rather slim. So far, players will drop into a standalone playlist to face off against Godzilla and King Kong.

Over the course of the match, players can control the monsters by using a Monarch Stream Device adding a new layer of chaos to Caldera.

Additionally, the match will contain a new event known as Titan Frenzy. Information on how to complete it is unknown but as soon as we find out more, check out our Warzone page for the latest guides.

That's all we know about the Operation Monarch start time. Once the event begins, we will update the article with all the latest information.

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