Warzone Titan Scream Device: How to Control Godzilla and Kong

Warzone Monarch Stream Device
Credit: Activision

After weeks of teasers and speculation, the start of the Warzone Operation Monarch event is right around the corner. The limited-time event sees Godzilla and Kong arrive on Caldera for an almighty battle between the monsters and those that dare to drop into the action.

The event "inspired by several of Warzone's best experiences" will see teams of four play a standalone mode containing themed Easter Eggs alongside the opportunity to control the two monsters during a match.

In order to control either Godzilla or Kong, players must obtain the Titan Scream Device. Rather than having one way to earn the item, there are numerous methods to get your hands on the game-changing device. In this guide, find out how to control Godzilla and Kong along with how to obtain the Titan Scream0 Device during an Operation Monarch match.

What Is A Titan Scream Device in Warzone?

The S.C.R.E.A.M (Sonic Communication Radar and Echolocation Array Module) is a Killstreak earned during an Operation Monarch match. The streak allows players to navigate a powerful attack at any location on Caldera.

Featuring a cooldown to avoid a constant spam of attacks, it's certainly worth finding.

How to Control Godzilla and Kong in Warzone

While Raven Software hasn't shared information on how players can control the monsters, Call of Duty YouTuber WhosImmortal shares intel on the upcoming event after attending a call with the developer. During the call, Raven Software says players can get their hands on the device using two methods.

The first involves filling a meter by completing contracts, scoring kills, and looting. Once the meter is filled, you can take control of Godzilla or Kong. Alongside the meter, you can earn the device by completing the Titan Frenzy event.

Warzone Godzilla and Kong Abilities

As expected, those that manage to control Godzilla and Kong are capable of dealing incredible amounts of damage to nearby players and the island. Players can utilise Godzilla's atomic breath to decimate enemies and leave a trail of fire behind them, dealing additional damage to anyone nearby.

On the other hand, Kong can smash its fists into the ground and throw boulders at anyone attempting to shoot the monster.

Will Godzilla And Kong Attack You?

According to WhosImmortal, the monsters will leave you alone if you don't shoot or provoke them. If you do, they will attack with all they have so be prepared for a fight if you feel like taking them on.

Additionally, Kong and Godzilla will attack all players as part of the Titan Frenzy public event so make sure you've got plenty of ammunition to use.

Warzone Operation Monarch Start Date

Operation Monarch begins on May 11 and runs until May 25 which is likely to mark the launch of Season 3 Reloaded. With two weeks of Godzilla and Kong patrolling Caldera, there's plenty of time for players to experience another spectacular Warzone event.

That's all there is to know about controlling Godzilla and Kong as part of Operation Monarch. For more Warzone intel, check out our page for the latest news, leaks, and loadout guides.

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