Raven Software Delays Warzone Footstep Audio Adjustment

Credit: Activision

Following weeks of teasers and speculation, Season 3 of Warzone is officially underway much to the excitement of players.

Alongside the imminent arrival of Godzilla and Kong as part of Operation Monarch, Raven Software outlines a wealth of changes made to the battle royale within the Season 3 patch notes.

Alongside major nerfs to a range of sniper rifles, many were expecting adjustments to footstep audio to enable players to hear any incoming opposition. Unfortunately, the changes aren't included in the most recent update but the developer shares when the community can expect louder footsteps on Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Warzone Footstep Audio Changes Delayed

Within the long list of changes published on April 27, Raven Software says that the adjustments to footstep audio have been pushed back but will arrive at some point during Season 3.

"We are looking to bring in additional audio improvements to footsteps during the season as a priority," explains the Warzone developer.

Details on what caused the delay weren't specified but it's still positive news that the changes are arriving in the coming weeks. In addition, improvements to the camera locking while sliding are also scheduled to release at a later date.

Footstep audio is one area of Warzone that continues to annoy players dropping onto Caldera and Rebirth Island. On several occasions, players struggle to determine the location of the footsteps that often results in them earning a premature trip to the Gulag.

With a fix on the way, the community won't have to deal with inconsistent footsteps for much longer. Let's hope it doesn't cause more bugs to appear.

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