Warzone Season 3: All Caldera Map Changes

In recent weeks, Activision has shared a number of teasers surrounding the launch of Season 3 for Warzone Pacific. The upcoming season of post-launch content will see the arrival of Godzilla in addition to a fresh batch of brand-new content.

The Pacific island of Caldera continues to divide opinion within the community, with many players calling for Verdansk to make a return to the battle royale.

Amid reports of Activision confirming the return of the classic map, a recent teaser suggests widespread changes are on the way to Caldera much to the delight of players.

Warzone Season 3 Map Changes

On April 18, a Call of Duty marketing email contained two images alongside a video showing various parts of the map on fire or destroyed completely. In addition, the second image shows some kind of creature appears to be emerging from the waters surrounding the island.

Warzone Season 3 Caldera Map Changes
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Thanks to a Call of Duty blog post, more information on how Caldera will change during Season 3 has emerged much to the excitement of players growing tired of the Pacific island. Let's take a look at the changes in more detail.


One of the most significant map changes involves Peak. Rather than an unfinished structure, building work has finished, revealing a fortified building complete with new buildings to explore. In addition, Raven Software has added Redeploy Balloons nearby, allowing people to rotate easily.

Warzone Peak POI
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Alongside Peak, the Runway has a new set of hangars and barracks to earn some loot. In a bid to improve visibility, a lot of foliage has disappeared making it much easier to spot any potential targets.

If you look to the skies, plenty of dark clouds have rolled in to add a more sinister atmosphere before Operation Monarch begins later in Season 3.

Warzone Runway POI
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Information on changes to Lagoon is minimal but we do know that players won't be pinned down on the wooden bridge next to the lighthouse thanks to new methods of travel.

According to the blog, "multiple moored ships" can be boarded and could be an excellent place to earn some strong early-game loot.

Dig Site

Last and by no means least is the arrival of a brand-new POI known as Dig Site. Fitting with the theme of large monsters making their way to Caldera, the area contains two huge skeletons likely to coincide with the launch of Operation Monarch.

Located between Mines and Ruins, this area of the map will prove extremely popular as players drop into Season 3 for the first time.

Warzone Dig Site POI
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