Activision Confirms Return of Verdansk

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Verdansk has always had a soft spot in the hearts of Warzone players and since its disappearance, many continue to hope it may return to the battle royale in a future update.

The map containing all kinds of environments ranging from towering skyscrapers to abandoned quarries remains a hugely popular battleground and as players turn their attention to what Season 3 has in store, talks of Verdansk's return continue to roll on.

During a recent live stream hosted by content creator LegionFarm, Activision's Alex Summers revealed that the iconic map will be returning to Warzone in some capacity.

Verdansk Returning to Warzone

During the conversation, Summers revealed the map will return on "certain platforms," implying that it could release within the mobile version of Warzone or as part of Warzone 2 rumoured to release in March 2023.

The return of Verdansk is an exciting prospect. The switch to Caldera continues to receive a mixed reception from players despite Raven Software's attempts to modify and improve the map amid calls for the original version of Verdansk or Verdansk '84 to replace the Pacific island.

In addition to Verdansk's return, Summers also revealed that Warzone 2 will feature a "new, big map" as the battle royale prepares to wipe the slate clean and make the most of the powerful hardware of current-gen consoles.

When Will Verdansk Return to Warzone?

Despite Activision confirming Verdansk is on its way back to Warzone, an exact return date for the popular map hasn't appeared. With Godzilla on its way to Caldera, is there a possibility of the monster destroying Caldera and allowing the developers to slot Verdansk back into the game? It's unlikely but we never know what Raven Software may have in store.

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