Warzone Season 6 Update Brings Weapon Fire Rates to Loot Cards

Season 6 of Warzone is now live and players are grappling with the massive changes that have occurred in Verdansk along with the numerous balance changes as well. Raven Software has decided to bring back Warzone’s original Gulag while also addressing the player complaints about the fire rates of weapons in the Season 6 update.

This highly requested feature has been added by the Warzone developer to clearly display the firing mechanisms of each weapon when they're on the ground, making it much easier to see whether the weapon is fully automatic or semi-automatic.

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Warzone Loot Cards Updated

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Players have previously claimed that a weapon's fire rate was not displayed clearly enough in the game’s screen, leading them to believe it was fully automatic when it actually utilised a burst firing mechanism. Many players, being used to the Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War weapons displaying the type of fire rates, have been urging Raven Software to add a similar feature into Warzone and with Season 6, the developer has done just that.

The developers, listening to the community, have redesigned the loot card for each weapon with the players now able to see whether the weapon being picked up is burst, automatic or single fire. Full information changes featured in the Season 6 patch notes that went live on October 7th.

Loot Cards

- The visual style of all loot cards has been updated!

- In addition to this change, we've added information about the fire type of Weapon to each loot card.

- This will allow Players to observe if a Weapon is automatic, semi-automatic, or burst before committing to it, without having to fire test shots or lose their next engagement.

As the players finally get to see how the weapon that they are picking up works, before opting to pick it up, it's much easier to not get caught out in the early stages of the game. With plenty of exciting stuff releasing soon for Halloween, check out everything you need to know about The Haunting in our dedicated hub!

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