Original Gulag Returning In Warzone Season 6

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Season 6 of Warzone is right around the corner, much to the excitement of the community that's expecting the final season of the Black Ops Cold War era to be jam-packed with brand-new content. Thanks to the reveal of the Season 6 roadmap on September 30th, players will be able to get stuck into a wealth of new additions that include huge changes to Verdansk and the return of an extremely familiar location.

In recent seasons, the layout of the Gulag has changed on a regular basis, which isn't always met with plenty of positivity from the community. With many wanting the return of the very first Gulag set in the showers of Prison, their prayers have been answered!


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Warzone Season 6 Original Gulag

Warzone Original Gulag Return Season 6

Season 5 saw the Gulag remodelled to a smaller version of the Rush multiplayer map from Black Ops 2. For Season 6, the original Gulag is making a return complete with the same layout that proved to be immensely popular for those attempting to drop back into the action. According to the Call of Duty blog published on September 30th, Raven Software may have made some slight tweaks to this classic arena.


"The arena may not be just as you remember it," the blog states, leaving us to wonder what exactly could have changed. Other than the available pool of weapons that players will use to win their 1v1 duels, it will be interesting to what has changed since the last time players stepped foot into back when the original version of Verdansk existed. The new Gulag opens for business when Season 6 gets underway on October 7th.

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