What Weapons Are Arriving In Cold War And Warzone Season 4?

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The start of Season 4 for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is fast approaching and despite the start date being so close, Treyarch and Raven Software have revealed minimal information surrounding the new weapons that are expected to arrive.

Although no official information has been revealed, there have been a number of leaks and clues from cinematic trailers that do showcase some of the new weaponry in action.


As with the start of every season, Season 4 will feature two brand-new weapons that can be obtained by reaching a specific tier on the Battle Pass.

Find absolutely everything that you need to know about Season 4's new weapons and whether they will impact the ever-changing metagame.

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Warzone And Cold War Season 4 Start Date

Season 4 will get underway on June 17th and will focus on the satellites that have fallen down across Verdansk and a new multiplayer map known as Collateral.

Warzone And Cold War Season 4 Weapons

As mentioned above, Treyarch and Raven Software have yet to reveal any clues as to what weapons will be included in the new season of post-launch content.


Thankfully, notable leaker @ZestyCODLeaks has been busy, uncovering numerous weapons that are expected to arrive.

C58 Assault Rifle

CETME Cold War Warzone Season 4

Judging by the short teaser trailers, there will be a brand-new assault rifle making its way into Verdansk and Cold War multiplayer.


It's called the C58, and it heavily resembles the G3 that often dominated multiplayer matches in the very first Modern Warfare title.

The trailer demonstrates the rifle's fully automatic firing mechanic but if the developers opt to alter it to a semi-automatic mechanism, the C58 could well bypass the assault rifle category and find itself in amongst the tactical rifles.

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Nail Gun

Nail Gun Cold War Warzone Season 4

Eagle-eyed players were quick to spot one of the more unique weapons making their debut in Season 4.

Upon further inspection, the new weapon is a nail gun that could well have a huge impact on the close-quarters meta for both Warzone and Cold War multiplayer.


This isn't the first time that the nail gun has appeared in a Call of Duty game. In Black Ops 3, the Nail Gun appeared as the DIY Renovator and slotted into the SMG weapon category. Could it appear in the same category for Cold War?

MG 82

MG 82 LMG Cold War Warzone Season 4

The MG 82 is the first LMG to be added as post-launch content in the Black Ops Cold War cycle.


Said to feature the highest fire rate in the entire category, its addition could have a significant impact on the existing multiplayer and the Warzone meta.